Friday, September 23, 2011

On my own

Tonight is one of those dinners that I love.  My family is gone for the weekend to a huge Christian concert/festival and won't be back until Sunday afternoon.  That means that I've got two dinners on my own and it always means that I fix things that I love that no one else likes.  So on tonight's menu is salmon, potatoes, and maybe spinach.  I'll probably bake the salmon, maybe put on some teriyaki sauce.  The potatoes will be cut into chunky fries and baked; the spinach is just frozen spinach, dolled up with a bit of butter, pepper, and shredded Parm cheese.  Not sure what I'll do tomorrow night, maybe I'll head to the grocery store and get some shrimp.  I do enjoy the occasional quiet house so that I can cook things that I normally wouldn't fix.

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