Saturday, June 14, 2014

Food of the South

We just got back from a bike trip in the deep South. We had a good time cycling and mostly ate at the campgrounds, but we did go out to eat a few times to partake in Southern specialties, namely pulled pork and fried catfish.

The first stop we made was in Natchez, MS at The Pig Out Inn. This was (obviously) a bbq joint that probably gets crowded and hopping pretty good some evenings. We were there early for dinner so it wasn't busy but the food was really good. Most of us got either pulled pork or ribs. You had a choice of sides and the baked beans were good with a smokey flavor and the cole slaw had a  bit of a kick to it (good but not what I'm used to). We all enjoyed that meal very much. After we drove a very short distance to the Mississippi River and overlooked Louisiana.

The next meal out was to get fried catfish. The place we were going to go was closed but we ended up at a place that was really good. We ate at the Sawmeal in Adamsville, TN. Now the only reason you'd be in Adamsville is if you're going to Shiloh National Military Park which is nearby. Otherwise, there's nothing nearby that would draw you there. We finished riding early that day and went over to Shiloh to do some sightseeing and stopped at the Sawmeal for dinner. For the true Southerner with us, the catfish was perfect; I'd have to agree. The meal was delicious! We started with hush puppies, then most of us got the fried catfish that came with cole slaw and another side. The second side varied by interests, Sarah got a baked sweet potato, most got fries, and I got the onion rings. Whitney had a steak and baked potato and raved (and probably dreamed) about her steak. The service was friendly and efficient. We really enjoyed eating at the Sawmeal.

The last meal out was at the River Rat Grill in Hohenwald, TN. Another good meal and a fun waitress. The catfish wasn't quite as good, from the reports of those that got it, but I can say the reuben was fantastic. I don't remember what the rest ate, I think the girls got steaks, but mostly they said the food was good. The only downside to the River Rat was that the choices of sides was pretty much limited to some form of potato or another starch (mac & cheese or white beans). Most meals came with a choice of two sides so it made it hard.