Friday, November 11, 2011


We just got back last night from an awesome five days in Disney, which means that I haven't cooked in many days and we had lots of eating out.  We stayed at the All Star Sports Resort, a first for us; usually we stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground.  I have to say, we really enjoyed the food at the resort; it was tasty, had enough of a variety to please all of us, and was freshly made.  I had salmon there twice for dinner, really good.  Sweet Pea and Bob both had salads one night; they were individually tossed for them and topped with some really good steak.  For breakfast, Sweet Pea and I both enjoyed the Western Omelet with home fries (twice!) and Rosie Jane had Mickey waffles with strawberry topping.

We also ate a lot in the parks.  I think Bob's favorite was the rib lunch he got in Animal Kingdom.  We also had our share of cheeseburgers which were mostly good.  The best (I think) were the ones in Hollywood Studios with onion straws underneath. One thing I was disappointed about was not getting to the Backlot Express before they closed.  They have a really good Southwest Salad that I wanted to get.  I had it the last time we were there and was disappointed to have missed out this time.  Instead we went to the ABC Commissary and I got the fish and chips there (they were fine, but would have liked the salad better).

We had the quick serve meal plan and made full use of it.  We each had two quick serve meals plus two snacks each day.  We usually ate lunch and dinner in the parks (or dinner a couple of times at the hotel where we had come back to rest before heading out again for the evening).  For snacks, we sometimes got water bottles but we also enjoyed the Mickey ice cream bars, frozen bananas, and lots of popcorn.  A couple of days we used our snack allotment and got bagels or muffins for breakfast. 

Probably the best use of our snacks was at Epcot.  We were there during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.  Yummy!!  We stopped at several countries booths to taste some different food.  Bob got something at the Singapore booth that sounded good (and smelled good) but was too spicy for him.  I thought it was good.  Then Rosie Jane got some steak over sweet potatoes from South Africa.  Awesome!  The steak was tender on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes.  Wandered some more, smelled awesome things as we walked by South Korea (a long line there), made a quick stop in Mexico to try the shrimp tacos and flan. The taco was great, I wasn't a big fan of the flan but Bob and Rosie Jane liked it. Then we made our way to Australia.  Got some REALLY tasty lamb chops there.  It was on a bed of red potato salad with a shiraz reduction sauce.  I got a glass of Greg Norman's shiraz to go with the lamb.  After that we split up and Sweet Pea decided that she was hungry after all and so I got in line to get her some lamb and I just had to try the shrimp on the barbie (tasty with a spicy berry sauce).  I need to go to the Food and Wine Festival's website to find the recipe for the lamb chops; it's been requested for Easter dinner.

All in all, we had a great time at Disney and had some really good food but I'm glad to be home.  Even using the quick serve dining plan with no sit down meals, I still feel like there was an abundance of food.  I'll be glad to get back to more normal food portions.

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