Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner tonight...or....Fun at the Fair

Today was a fun day, a day filled pretty much with junk food.  Not that our usual meals are super healthy all the time, but today just fun and lots of junk food.  Took Sweet Pea and Rosie Jane to the water park with a couple of friends and had lunch there (pizza for me, chicken fingers and (yucky) french fries for them).  Later ice cream for a late afternoon snack - the cookie ice cream sandwich for two of us and some Shrek neon green thing for the other. 

Tonight we went to the county fair.  Lots of fun!!  Saw all the animals, including some huge cows and tiny baby goats, walked through the exhibit halls and saw some great pictures among other things, rode the rides, and ate dinner.  Rosie Jane decided that she does like roller coasters after all. 

But on to the food.  For dinner, Sweet Pea had a pulled pork sandwich and fries, Bob had a burger and sweet potato fries (all from the Volunteer Fire Dep't. stand).  Rosie Jane and I had chicken skewers.  Later the evening included funnel cake, ice cream, more ice cream.  I think that was it, although it sure seems like we had something else.  On to some better stuff tomorrow.

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