Sunday, June 10, 2012

Menu plan

Yep, I've actually got a menu plan for this week. I'll go to the grocery store tomorrow so I can actually follow my plan.

Monday we're having Sausages and White Beans with bread. I've made this many times before and we really enjoy it. The bread I got at the farmer's market this morning.

Tuesday is a new recipe from my cousin's wife (cousin-in-law?). It's Sesame Ginger Chicken Pasta; she said it was good, we'll find out. If there's any bread left, we'll have it on the side.

Wednesday we're going out to Famous Dave's BBQ, it's a fundraiser for our church's mission team. I know the family will enjoy the ribs and other bbq delights there.

Thursday is a new recipe I found on pinterest - Mexican Stuffed Shells. I figured it's supposed to cool down later in the week so I won't mind having the oven on then.

Friday is Pizza Pockets. I was cleaning off some stuff from the DVR this afternoon and watched "The Sandwich King" episode from a while back and he made these. They looked good, really easy, and since we usually have pizza on Friday nights, it works.

I don't usually plan breakfasts or lunches, but we have plenty of stuff on hand for those meals. I haven't thought of next weekend yet, what we eat depends on what we're doing and the weather. I'll put up new recipes if they're keepers.

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