Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another hit and miss night

Last night was very much in the hit and miss category.  Sweet Pea and I really liked the baked potatoes, Bob and Rosie Jane not so much.  None of us liked the apple pie very much and I had such high hopes for it!  So to save myself lots of typing today I'm linking to the baked potato recipe.  Now somehow I missed the part where it says "sweet potato!"  Not sure how I did that but I did.  The toppings still tasted great on regular baking potatoes.  The recipe is from the Eighty Twenty blog, recipes that are good for you 80% of the time and then there's the other 20%, still good but not so good for you.  I've found several things that I like there and the writer is a nutritionist so she knows what she's talking about.  Here's the link to the Gourmet Broccoli and Baked Spud.

So that was the hit (at least with some of us).  The miss was the apple, cheddar, and maple pie that I was really looking forward to having.  It sounded so good but it was pretty much a total miss.  It wasn't bad, just not nearly as good as we were thinking it was going to be.  The problem was with the cheese, it just didn't work well.  It ended up being clumpy, not melted and tasty.  So we'll head back to the plain apple pies.  I'll probably make one this weekend to make up for the miss last night.

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