Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cleaning the Pantry

It had to be done. The pantry was a mess, stuff was getting lost in the back (even though my pantry isn't that large), I had to clean it. Today was a good day. My daughter was off at her community college class so I had the morning free to make more applesauce and clean the pantry.

I threw away a lot of stuff, mostly old cold cereal and old tea. Neither last forever, at least not tasting fresh. My recycle bin is pretty full with old boxes now. Last time I "cleaned" out the pantry I think I just went through and organized. This time I truly cleaned it out, tossed the old food, put some things out in the garage, and reorganized it. We'll see how long it stays this way. I wish the pantry was not as deep and bigger, that way things wouldn't get forgotten about in the back.

Now that the pantry is done at some point I'll have to tackle the other places where food is stored. Actually I just need to clean and reorganize the whole kitchen...a project for another day.

Before, a disorganized mess

After - SO much better

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