Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Kitchen at Christmas

We're busy decorating the house for Christmas and as I was perusing my blog feed I came across this post from Serendipity Refined. I have a ton of cookie cutters that were my grandmother's and some I've bought; I knew I could make something like this. Only thing is that I have no place in my kitchen to put a full wreath so I decided to go with more of a spray of evergreens with the cookie cutters.

When we got our Christmas tree, they cut off the lowest branches and I trimmed a few stems off those to put this together. I tied them together at the top then started tying on the cookie cutters. I used Christmas themed cutters - an angel at the top, a candle, Santa, Christmas tree, a flower, and a train.

This also reminded me of the decorations they put up in Williamsburg at Christmas time. I was thinking I needed a mini-rolling pin, a small pie plate and then it'd look just like something they would do. Next year.

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