Friday, August 10, 2012

We're home!

Summer has been busy with the girls at camp and a wonderful vacation in Alaska. Before we left for Alaska it had been too hot to cook much but hopefully it'll start cooling down soon, at least enough so that I can cook.

We had a great time in Alaska and enjoyed some really good food. We were on a Princess cruise so there was food available pretty much all the time. We had to tell the girls not to get too used to that! They did enjoy having ice cream whenever they wanted and the pizza was good as well. Probably the best meals that I had were at the Copper River Princess Lodge. I had two great salmon meals there, one with a lemon-dill sauce, the other was red salmon with a cranberry-something sauce. While we did go to two salmon bakes and I had salmon in other places, Copper River is known for it's salmon and it sure didn't disappoint.

We (at least Bob and I) enjoyed the local beer. We had several types from the Alaskan Brewing Co. - the summer ale, white, amber, and Stout. In Skagway, Bob had some spruce beer, another local creation. According to the locals, when Captain Cook came ashore, his crew was suffering from scurvy. The local Indians knew just what to do - spruce tea, which apparently tastes pretty bad. The crew started refusing to drink the tea so Captain Cook came up with the idea to make it (or add it, I'm not sure which and think I heard both) into beer; they'd still get the vitamin C benefits but it tasted much better. I also had a red beer from a local brewery which was really good. In Anchorage, we went to the Glacier BrewHouse for my birthday and I had the raspberry wheat and Bob got the amber ale.

So now it's back home and I'll be doing the cooking for quite a while. I have some cookbooks I'm trying out, some new things I've found and put on Pinterest that I need to start trying as well as recipes that I've found in magazines that I want to try. Hopefully lots of good cooking coming!

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