Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Busy Day in the Kitchen

Today was a busy day in the kitchen. We had several bananas that needed to be used and I was tired of banana muffins. I didn't really feel like banana bread either, especially since I have to make some later this week. I found a recipe for banana cake so made that. I was looking around for frosting since the recipe made two round layers. At first I thought I might go with a cream cheese frosting (that goes with banana cake, right?) but then I looked in another cookbook. The banana cake there called for chocolate ganache glaze/frosting. That sounded really good so that's what I went with. We like to occasionally snack on bananas with chocolate so I knew that would work. It was yummy!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, a holiday all about the food (really, there's no other good reason for it), I made chicken enchiladas, with Mexican black beans and rice. The enchiladas were good, I've made them several times (and am surprised to see that I hadn't put the recipe here yet) and the family likes them. The black beans were pretty good but I was the only one that liked them. Trying to bring some variety to their lives; they appreciate it, but don't always like it. I'll have recipes up soon.

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